BRINGING MACHINE VISION TO EVERY DEVICE Delivering Sensing, Gesture Recognition and User Awareness Solutions
  • eyeSight is an expert in Machine Vision and gesture recognition technology. The company delivers simple and natural user interactions with a multitude of devices including Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, TVs, Wearables (Glasses) and other digital devices, allowing touch-free device control with the swipe of a hand or point of a finger.

  • eyeSight’s software can be easily integrated at any level of the device: chipset, operating system, camera module, or application level. Our technology has been chosen by OPPO, Lenovo, Toshiba, Hisense, Phillips and more tier 1 companies around the globe.

  • eyeSight has valuable partnerships with AMD, ARM, Omnivision, and other key players. Among its investors are Kuang-Chi, CEVA, MaC Fund Korea-Israel, Mitsui, Intercapital, and other angel investors

Meet singlecue

Singlecue is eyeSight's first hardware product available directly for consumers.

With singlecue you can control your TV, media and smart homes devices using touch-free gestures.

Just lift your finger and get control over the devices you already have in your home, connecting them into one magical experience.

Your TV, cable box, disc player, AV receiver and even smart home devices can now be controlled using a single device and one simple interface.

One gesture turns on several devices at once.

Modern magic magic in action!

Why singlecue