Kuang-Chi to Build Belt and Road Community of Innovation for International Technology Cooperation

Dr. Liu Ruopeng, Chairman of Kuang-Chi Group, a disruptive technology group based in Shenzhen, attended the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF) on May 14th, which was held in Beijing from May 14th to 15th. The BRF was the highest-level forum under the Belt and Road Initiative since its launching over three years ago, and an important diplomatic event China hosted this year.

President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and hosted the round-table summit of the leaders. 28 heads of state and government leaders as well as thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide attended the forum. Dr. Liu Ruopeng attended the opening ceremony, high-level plenary meeting and a thematic session on policy coordination.

According to China Daily, President Xi delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony and suggested that the Belt and Road should be built into a road of innovation, as innovation is an important force powering development. He stated that we should spur the full integration of science and technology into industries and finance, improve the environment for innovation and pool resources for innovation. 

As an innovator, Dr. Liu resonated with the speech. He believed that international technology innovation would be a crucial link of Belt and Road Initiative. The idea of road of innovation will bring benefits of more efficient communication for technology innovations and closer international cooperation to Belt and Road countries.

"We have seen fruits from Kuang-Chi's effort in Belt and Road Initiative and we have accumulated abundant resources during the process, especially in AI, smart city and big data areas." Dr. Liu said. "We will continue on this path and will in line with national strategy to strengthen international cooperation and establish an international innovative ecosystem led by Chinese technology enterprises ." 

Kuang-Chi has developed a comprehensive strategic layout along the Belt and Road countries that have concentrated distribution of innovation resources like Israel, the UK, ASEAN, Singapore and so on to establish oversea innovation institutes, industry alliances and talents training bases. Technology innovations from these international cooperation are now being industrialized in China and the world. 

In the early May 2016, Kuang-Chi launched the Global Community of Innovation (GCI) Fund based in Tel Aviv, Israel to invest in companies worldwide, with amount up to $300 million. It was the first Chinese fund of its kind, combining investment in early to mid-stage Israeli and global companies with Kuang-Chi's resources.

By September 2016, the first $50 million tranche has been invested in gesture control leader eyeSight, emotions analytics pioneer Beyond Verbal, video intelligence provider Agent Video Intelligence, biometric authentication provider Zwipe, and British aviation-focused company Gilo.GCI Fund II will invest US$250 million in global technology companies.

At the end of May 2016, Kuang-Chi established Asian Innovation Headquarters in Singapore, aiming to cooperate with enterprises, research institutes, universities, financial institutes in Belt and Road countries on talents, research and development, marketing, capitals and more.On January 13rd, 2017, Kuang-Chi opened itsInternational Innovation Headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. The headquarters will invest in and collaborate with innovative technology projects worldwide and incubate selected projects as well.

In the future, Kuang-Chi will continue to be devoted in Belt and Road Initiative. Kuang-Chi has purposed to build "Belt and Road Community of Innovation (OCI) "in Israel, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia and other Belt and Road countries. With the goal of promoting common prosperity through technology innovation, the OCI will gather innovators around the world to bring the future to now.

Dr. Liu believed that "the OCI will not only focus on the technology innovation but also target the market needs along the Belt and Road countries, which have great potentials. "