Kuang-Chi and Shenzhen Bus Group enter into Strategic Cooperation

KuangChi Science Limited (the "Company" or "KuangChi Science") (00439.HK) announced on August 21st, 2017 that the Company has entered into a strategic cooperation framework agreement ("Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement") with Shenzhen Bus Group Company Limited ("Shenzhen Bus Group") on August 18th, 2017.

KuangChi Science and Shenzhen Bus Group will cooperate in a public transport safety and integrated intelligent operation platform. Its purpose to promote the in-depth integration of the public transport industry with new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud platform and Big Data analysis. It will expedite the realisation of intelligent transportation and the further the building of intelligent city capabilities and to work together in the incubation and nurturing of a value-added market in relation to the road-based public transport industry.


The parent company of KuangChi Science, Kuang-Chi Group, is a leading vertical company in the industry. Kuang-Chi Group has developed innovative technologies in metamaterials, aerostats, artificial intelligence and more. These technologies have been used in several areas including public transport, smart cities and public security &safety.


For example, video intelligence analysis and emotion analytic systems can be widely used in public transport safety. They can analyse passenger flows on road or rail public transport and provide data for optimising routes and advertising. Additionally, they can monitor automatically to detect any unusual conditions.


“Applying innovative technology to vertical areas is the key to creating a better and safer life. Innovation in Kuang-Chi has long been driven by market needs,” said Dr. Ruopeng Liu, Chairman of Kuang-Chi Group. He went on to say that “intelligent transport is a crucial link for smart cities. The cooperation with Shenzhen Bus Group is a strategic move for Kuang-Chi to deepen its vertical development. Together with Shenzhen Bus Group, we can make a big difference to the public transport system.”


The strategic cooperation plan includes, but is not limited to:

Public transport safety system

The formation of an informational and operational channel with the public security system, in relation to the assurance of safety on a road-based public transport system, focussing on the risks and challenges faced by the road-based public transport system in aspects of security. It will also seek to integrate intelligent identification and security monitoring during operation, management of stations and monitoring of charging poles. Redefining a new standard for the management industrial safety in public transport, with a view to increasing the safety standards of passenger travel.

Intelligent operations

In-depth cooperation in the area of intelligent operations including scheduling, passenger statistics and operations, based on the concept of constructing an smart public transport operation platform.

Integrated intelligent operation platform

The development of an integrated comprehensive intelligent operation platform in the area of integrated comprehensive platform construction, covering the functional capabilities of public safety, anti-terrorism emergency response, intelligent scheduling, convenience services, mobile credit card payment service, driver management, vehicle management, station management and charging pole management. As well as, the joint-exploration and nurture of future value-added services around such platform.



About Shenzhen Bus Group:

Shenzhen Bus Group is the largest public transport franchised enterprise in Shenzhen. Its main business is public transportation, supplemented by businesses such as advertising, travelling and transportation, real estate development, property management, new energy and intelligent transportation. As of December 2016, Shenzhen Bus Group had a total of 23,504 employees and 8,881 operating vehicles.